Teen Driving

January 22, 2010
By Anonymous

The STAND UP Act in my opinion is not the most singular Act, for us to enforce. Although it is an attempt to succor the safety of our roads and our youth, I do not agree with the effects of some requirements stated in this act. For instance, the fact that teens would not be able to get a real license until the age of 18. This would eradicate the availability for jobs and after school activities. Some teens actually play huge rules in the survival of their families, such as single parents who need their teenagers to work and help out. Also, some teenagers play sports or act in plays. Some people that is all they have and need a way to get their when no one is around to get them there. There are many reasons why I believe this act should not be enforced.

In all I believe our driving age is fine the way it is and we should abide by the rules already in effect. We should be vigilant to how we drive and who we allow to drive, but we should not strip teens of their ways to procure a license at the age of sixteen. I do not advocate the STANDUP Act to e put into effect.

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Teen Driving

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