Summer Tans are Necessary

January 8, 2010
By AriMaria92 BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
AriMaria92 BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Summer: heat, tanning and plans with friends. School doesn’t come to mind when bikinis and fun on the lake are waiting just outside your doors. During our normal school year my friends have a hard time just coming to school. Having a year round schedule can hurt the grades of my friends that are, no shows, and for the those kids that have nightmares about skipping school; it could only give them a educational melt down. So why is having a summer vacation so important?
Having a summer break didn’t come until the early 20th century. Yearlong school is considered harmful to kids grades. More students skip when school is extended for a longer period of time. The cost of having year-round school is also expensive; having to pay for the teachers and also keeping the school running. So why have it?
If we had the extended school program, then we’d be paying for hindering the students learning process. “Kids in Japan go to school for 243 days per annum.” Stated in the article, “Do Kids Need a Summer Vacation?” Kids need to have a break and having that break can give the brain enough time to rest. Slot of my friends skips mornings; the break already causes some kids to ditch listening to a teacher talk for 45 minute periods. It doesn’t make any sense. The smart (school is life) kids can’t miss a day but if they over-load on education, they could shut down on school.
Of course adults are concerned with the education given to the kids will disappear within two days of summer vacation...But this break gives us a chance to calm down and think only about how hot it will be the next day. Any student could tell you that having school year-round could only prevent them from walking down the aisle on graduation day. Maybe Japan students do go by those rules but if they have grown up and lived going to school without any breaks; but adapting to a drastic change like this could fail even the 4.0 students.

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