The Woman Who Never Stood a Chance

January 13, 2010
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In the New York Times article, “Thirty-Eight Who Saw Murder Didn’t Call the Police;” A twenty-eight-year-old lady, Catherine Genovese, was stabbed three times over a 35 minute lapse, and no one called for help… This article is one of the most disheartening acts I have ever read. The whole crisis could have been prevented if the neighbors of Genovese hadn’t had a rash attitude towards helping her.
The Assistant Chief Inspector Frederick M. Lussen said that he’d never seen such a lurid act from a criminal, but mainly from citizens. I couldn’t believe all of the people who merely just observed this and went on living their lives like nothing had happened. One line that hit me hard was, “Why hadn’t he called the police at the time?” “I was tired,” he said without emotion. “I went back to bed.” This statement makes me want to puke. How can someone be so lax about a murder? Especially one they witnessed!
The Chief and other witnesses said that it had been a sporadic murder. It is said that Winston Moseley, the murderer, came back two more times to kill Genovese. It is outrageous how not one person could have dialed 911 as she struggled to get back to her domicile. Chief Lussen’s meticulous questioning, showed compassion towards the woman who never stood a chance. Any person who has ever read this article can conjecture that the witnesses will live with that terrible decision for the rest of their lives.

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