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January 13, 2010
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There has been some talk that there are people who want to ban some certain books. They want to do that because the books have bad language, or are to explicit and so on. Well I say if you don’t like the book then don’t read it. Just because you don’t like the book doesn’t mean everyone in the world has the same opinion as you. Let other people choose if they want to read it or not. Don’t make that decision for them by banning the book. Everybody should have the right to choose what book they want to read.

I think it would hurt the author’s feelings if you banned their book. They have the freedom of speech and they can write their books however they want to. If it gets published than so be it. They put the work and time into it. I don’t think they should be punished for doing that. They should be rewarded for writing a book that is a little different than other books.

Besides, what kind of world would we be in if all the books were the same? We should be thankful that there are authors that aren’t afraid to write different books. We need books like that.

All I’m saying is, please don’t try and tell other people what to read and what not to read by banning books. Don’t ban books!

All authors out there, keep writing.

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megpie000 said...
Feb. 9, 2010 at 8:25 pm
i agree with you 100%!! well said
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