Ordinary Individuals Making a Difference

January 5, 2010
By andrewt SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
andrewt SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Individuals living in American don’t support the economy itself. Instead, the general public supports the Little Eight foreign car companies. It is the same when people vote for the next president. “Why, should I vote when I won’t be heard?” That same crisis is what the Detroit automobile companies are going through.

Competition is a brewing in the south stated by Daniel Gross’ article, “Big Three Meet the Little Eight”. Toyota and Honda are over taking some of the confederate states. As stated by Gross, “One time, the Big Three were the U.S. auto industry. But no longer.” Non-union, cheap labor, foreign-owned, car companies are popping up in the once harvest fields of Alabama, Kentucky and Tennessee. Even though Toyota creates its Camrys in the states, the profit goes to the originators in Japan.

The United States has come up with solutions to help the economy. The though was good but it has two problems. The Stimulus Plan gave the Big Three money to keep them out of bankruptcy. However, Ford Motor Company stayed out of the red without any help. Showing that American car companies just don’t give up when times get tough. The second plan was Cash for Clunkers. It was a plan to boost car sales, but in reality one could buy a new foreign car. It should have been limited to purchasing new American models. Americans should be using their money to build up the U.S not the foreign countries.

If Americans don’t take this seriously, employers: General Motors, Ford Motor Company, and Chrysler could lose their jobs and be sent overseas to be produced at a lower cost. That might seem good, but it would hurt our economy.

General Motors has improved to keep out of bankruptcy. They only worried about making large vehicles, which is now hurting them in today’s current situation. But, they are having a comeback year. General Motors is making a new model; Volt has concepts that are good. The car has a range of 400 miles to a tank and with the help of fully charged battery will give the car around 150 miles per gallon. By supporting General Motors, it can open up new doors and give people jobs so they can keep their company in the United States. The whole point is to create an American product that can be sold in American. It is only possible if people buy GM cars. People may have their doubts but the car will cost around 30,000 dollars which can be affordable.

Foreign car companies aren’t at all what they are cut out to be. These car companies never formed unions, which in turns keeps more profit by providing little to no health care. General Motors are treating everyone the same by providing services. They created retirement plans that reinsures past employees money. They pay more out to its current employees and to its 460,000 retirees. GM pays almost double in what Toyota pays their labor workers.

By default, General Motors has less money to make a quality car, but still has the ability to compete with its competitors.

Living in an economy that is solely based on getting the best deal isn’t always the preferred way. By far Japanese car companies have cheaper production costs, having more money to design and produce a quality product. General Motors has a fifth of that money to create cars and contends well with competition.

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