music is brainwashing the human race

January 7, 2010
By , Rio Grande, OH
alot of people in my school have been discussing a video about the ilumminati. the video has said that many of todays rappers and celebrities are apart of it. rapper jay-z is one of the most discussed. he is said to be one of the most famous masons ever, and his music proves it. I'm sure most have heard the song "Empire state of mind". in the lyrics he states "jesus cant save you the party starts when church ends'. to a number of people this would be very alarming considereing how many people listen to his music. alot of people do not truly listen to the music they like, and people wonder why kids are so violent. when listening to a song people need to pay close attention to what they are hearing and really be careful when listening to rap and heavy metal rock. lucifer(satan) was the angel of music

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