January 6, 2010
By , Riverton, UT
When it comes to politics I am just barely learning how we do everything. I feel we should keep the decisions on how we finance our elections should be up to how the states want them to be financed. If they decide to take from various groups, then I don’t feel they are corrupt. They have to earn the money for their election somehow only two states that do public funding for elections. I think they both have their ups and downs. If you only get money from the state then it will make it fair, because both candidates will get a more fair campaign. On the other hand if you accept money from private sources you have the chance to earn more. So either way has its advantages.
My points of views are probably not the ones you would like to hear from someone who is running for any political office. Then again, I’m young so my point of view can always change with time. If I were to ever volunteer for any campaign I would have to strongly believe in what they do, I would have to be able to relate with their ideas. If their ideas were something I really liked I would give money to them, I feel it’s like charity in a way. No way should non-profit organizations be able to donate to political candidates, one of our big issues in this day and age is religion. In Utah I feel like I’ve grown up in a discriminating community for not being Mormon. Religion should stay out of elections at all costs.
Changing the way we do our elections would be nice. Like no lying about what you believe in to get the extra money. I do wish we could change the voting age, so I can put my opinions in now. I’ll try to survive for the next 4 months until I can vote.

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