Young Crminals

January 11, 2010
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I disregard the belief that children shouldn’t be charge with harsh punishment because they will not learn from the mistake, and the crime will reoccur. People all over the world believe that just because one is a child, that committing a crime shouldn’t be taken seriously. They express that children think “differently” and that their minds are not “well developed.” For instance, if a boy kills another person for fun, as stated in Wildes article, and as a consequence that boy just has to go to rehabilitation? What makes people think that rehabilitation will work if the criminals do not want to change because they don’t see the consequences? In my eyes that is not a harsh enough punishment. The improvement of these young criminal’s behaviors is at stake, for if there is no harsh punishment, the child will not learn from the crime committed.

As far as juveniles carrying out crimes, I don’t believe that just because one is young that you should be excused from wrongdoing. It is not only making the crime’s consequence not justified, but it is possible for the crime to repeated again. Children do not have an as bad of a mind to where they cannot tell right from wrong. As Wilde stated, “morals are inherent from birth.” This quote meaning that kids are not that under developed to the point where they do not know right from wrong. I strongly support the writer’s belief,“ …the rehabilitation system will not fix these young criminals” (Wildes
1). Pardoning a child for committing a serious crime causes to make the crime excusable; therefore the crime will happen again.
The opposing side believes that kids are young, and that they think differently so they shouldn’t be tried as harsh as a responsible adult would. Hendricks believes,“ Their brains are wired differently.” Along side that kids have to be offered a second chance. The opposing side strongly believes that,“ …sending them to adult prisons where they’re abused and come out more dangerous and damaged than when they went in?” (Hendricks 2). As in, they are convinced that harsh punishment won’t work; they will come out damaged, not disciplined. In my defense, what makes you think rehabilitation will work? Young minds will think this punishment is not that bad. Consequently when thinking about committing a crime, they wouldn’t mind being caught because the punishment is not harsh enough. As in,“ Would you feel your son’s brutal murder vindicated if the two boys who killed your son, purely for fun, were taken to juvenile detention, received rehabilitative aid and released with new identities to live the rest of their lives with nothing but a faint of the memory of what they have done?” (Wildes 2). This punishment does not seem justified to anyone who pertains to be the victim.

Again, I am not convinced that children should just go to rehabilitation when committing a crime because she will not learn from it. Rehabilitation will seem like an easy punishment to the offenders therefore they will not mind committing the crime again. This matter is important because it is a common problem in the criminal world of whether or not justice is served. All crimes occurred should be justified, whether young or old, everybody knows right from wrong, and it will not be learned from if there is no harsh punishment.

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writer-in-pearls said...
Jan. 16, 2010 at 11:19 am
I work for a program in youth restorative justice, and I completely disagree with your article. Many violent youth have been abused and/or have mental disabilities, prison will not help them. However, rehab, therapy, and making ammends does.
WriterFanatic This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Jan. 14, 2010 at 10:23 pm
However, think about this. When we are growing up, scientificaly our minds are still forming. So lets say that the person stole from an old lady. Ok, thats bad. Lets say they go to jail for it. What if they are genuanly sorry. If they are put in rehab and it works, then that kids life, while ruined, will not have as black a stain
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