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December 16, 2009
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Helping other countries doesn't help our country. Thats when the question comes up: should we help other countries when were in needs ourselves.

I think we should help our own country before we help others. This is because according to the bureau of labor here in america 8,924,000 people were unemployed in 2008 and 558,000 more people have become unemployed. According to the united states general accounting office Illegal immigrants are becoming a big problem involved in this. They are taking our jobs from people that actually need them. Here me out these people who are taking these jobs do deserve them but they need to become legal americans before they do get them.

Another problem with helping other countries is its putting our country farther in debt and people are becoming home less. There are people with two and three storie houses hat do live well. But according to the bureau of senses thirty five percent to forty percent more people have become home less. This is a big problem for the big cities that are way in debt but is still a problem in our country. So how is helping other countries helping us.

People starving to death is another big problem here in the U.S.A. Did you know that 49% of all children in the U.S will be on food stamps once in there life. Right now an average of 1 in 8 us american citizens are on food stamps.

When we help other countries with there problems it doesn't help us any. Illegal drugs and health right now is another big conflict here in america. This health care problem is costing our country and people billions of dollars and when we help other countries its just taking more money right now that we don't have. According to the united states general accounting office Illegal immigrants come cross the boarder and an average of about 45% are bringing drugs over the boarders that they are crossing. Even when we help there country they keep doing it. It just keeps running our country farther and farther under.

I think we shouldn't help other countries are healed and well.
We can still make peace with other countries and stuff because we should be able to do this without paying money and putting our self's farther into debt we all know there are people that av good paying jobs with two and three story housemother are also a lot of people that have plenty of food and health care but even these people with all this stuff and them being well off are loosing everything they have because of are economy and with us paying and helping other countries its just digging a reaped whole for are country and its people.

I believe we should listen to john mcain when he says we should lower taxes because when we do this the smaller private businesses will grow and it will make more jobs. This is my opinion you can choose what you want but these are facts.

So get out there and give charity to people in need in our country. Get involved anyway plausible and help our country rise out of this whole. When were healed and healthy we can start to think about helping other countries.

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