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December 12, 2009
By Anonymous

I get so tired of the economy. The world gets worse day after day. From petifiles to drug addicts. What has this world come to? Can we really fix it? Yes, if you are reading this, I am only a teenager,
but I understand what's going on. My grandfather tells me stories about how life used to be and how they had to work 24/7. They had to respect their parents and only talk when spoken to. If they decided to go against those rules, they got a spanking. Not a beaten; but of course, people overreact and now it's considered child abuse. I wish the world was like that still, because then maybe the world wouldn't be so down right lazy. I know I shouldn't be talking - yes, I know I am lazy, but seriously, the world can do better. WE the people aren't doing our job. The world has gone crazy and I don't think we can stop it. I really hope Obama can help us. If not, who knows what might happen next. Maybe from all our pollution, the ozone layer will burn and then the sun's rays will kill us all by burning us, or maybe global-warming will wash us all out. Either way, something horrible will happen if we don't try to fix things/improve.

The author's comments:
I'm a teenager. I watch the news. I KNOW what's going on. We need to do something. I hope this article makes you think...

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