Homecoming of an American Soldier

December 3, 2009
By Anonymous

Homecoming of an American Soldier

Have you ever thought about an American soldier? Most of us have. We all think of guns aimed towards the enemy dressed in black, crawling forward step by step. Or we think of a bomb exploding or a brave soldier hiding in a trench in the middle of a pitch black night. Well I think of a strong man running towards his hysterical family. He has made it home, safe and close to his loved ones. It is the most inspiring, most beautiful thing on Earth.

Ever since the Iraq War started 6 years ago, homecomings of soldiers have been posted all over the news nation wide. The camera first zooms in on the expectant families huddling together and waiting in silence. The silence is as heavy as a humid evening in Florida. Every being shakes silently in their seats with anticipation. Stomping boots quickly over take the nervous silence. It gets me every time as I watch families cry small rivers of tears as they catch their first true glimpse of their fathers, husbands, and heroes. “I start to cry when a family races towards their beloved soldier. It is beautiful,” says classmate Hannah Litschewski. That moment is priceless. Defending our nation’s freedom, American soldiers fight and sacrifice their own lives and their precious time with their families. Over 60% of people on an email survey said that their hearts swell and they break down in tears when they watch a soldier and his family reunite. While watching a family grasp each other in suffocating hugs, two things rush through my mind.

I am first extremely grateful for my family that I take for granted everyday. These military families live their lives wondering whether or not their father or husband will ever return home. We all assume that our dads will walk through the door just before dinner, we don’t think twice. America and the world have absolutely no idea how hard life could be, how tragic a “see you later” could end up, how lucky we all are to be living in freedom, and how special each member of our families are. No one person can ever understand how lucky we are to have our parents, siblings, husbands, and wives with us. Your life is not as terrifying as a soldier’s. Your family is not as grateful as a soldier’s. Your nightmares are not as vivid as a soldier’s. Your dreams are not as longed for as a soldier’s. Your home is not as comforting as a soldier’s. Your sister’s good-byes are not as heartbreaking as a soldier’s. Your life is not as difficult as a soldier’s, so stop complaining. Be thankful for every person you have in your life and don’t ever stop being grateful. The next time you see a soldier returning from war, let it inspire you to be appreciative for the family you have right now. A recent email poll said that only 30% of people think of how lucky they are to have family by their side each and everyday. Watching a soldier’s homecoming does not only make me more grateful for what I have, but it also makes me proud to be an America and to have men and women like them servings my country.

Watching military families reunite really opens my eyes. I look at these amazing men and women and I get a fuzzy feeling in my stomach. It is not the nervous kind or the anxious fuzziness, but almost a smugness and prideful feeling. We do not know that we are extremely lucky to have these brave, loving, dedicated, and smart people protecting our huge nation. Many soldier’s that go to war are volunteers who love our country so much that they are willing to step into enemy territory and fight for peace. Out of all the soldiers in our nation’s military services, a 2004 study show that 93-95% of soldiers have at least a high school diploma. Out of those, 26% have a bachelor’s degree as well. 26% may not seem like much, however these soldier’s don’t want to go to school in a classroom, they want to be on the front line defending and protecting this fantastic country. That warm fuzzy feeling comes because I know that I have some of our nation’s best serving my country and risking their lives for me. Other countries across the globe do not fight to defend their countries, they fight out of peer hatred. I know how lucky we are and I take a lot of pride in knowing how amazing the United Sates of America is. As citizens of the U.S. we all should be overwhelmingly happy that we are protected by these extraordinary men and women in uniform. Once again, next time you see a soldier and his family, let it inspire you to be proud and thankful for our nations protectors.

A family reuniting with their American soldier, their beloved father and husband, is by far the most inspiring thing in the world! Whether or not you break down into tears, love your family even more, or feel immense passion towards your great country, a soldier coming home from war is beautiful. Next time somebody brings up military soldier; don’t think of that man holding a gun, but a man returning home from defending his nation.

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kskssw said...
on Jan. 31 2016 at 6:06 pm
I think my teacher wrote this

lol0928 said...
on Dec. 11 2009 at 6:22 pm
Wow! Great job Kelly! Its sooo good!!

Schnitz16 said...
on Dec. 11 2009 at 6:10 pm
Thats amazing! It was really good. I am the person who cries when I see the homecomings. Really good writing

fishfinn24 said...
on Dec. 9 2009 at 8:23 pm
fishfinn24, Aurora, Colorado
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Wow, I like it. I never really thought about what a slodier goes through.


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