our president

November 30, 2009
By Anonymous

did everybody hear president obamas speach.i thought it was very inspiring.it said that you dont expect to get a very good job if you drop out of high school.don't quite count on it.if you stay in school and high school you could get a scaller ship to callage for one,two,three,or maybe even four years.president obamas mom died of cancer.he made the speach for her.president obama gradguated harvard callage.he doesn't talk about him gradgueting harvard no.what do you think he is selfish.he is trying to help our nation.people should incuridge him not make fun of him. that is not very nice.just because he is a differant race he has to be guged.why don't we turn of ourself.don't we turn of ourself. we are differant is that a problem. everybody is differant in there own way.

The author's comments:
how we are blaming him for what is wrong with this nation its not his falt

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