An American Hero or a monster in disguised?

November 21, 2009
By , hoffman estates, IL
When we think of an American hero we think of the men and women in the front lines. We believe to be we are saving the world, having a “little fun” with innocent football games and how cynically we acted towards the shooting in Texas.

When you ask an American what’s one of their favorite sport they will say probably say, football. It is not that uncommon; in my high school football is what everyone is talking about every Friday. But what does have to do with war you may ask. It is how primitive football truly is. Back in Ancient Rome, Spartan boys were taught to never let your country down. In football, the same thing a friend of mine broke his arm during football practice but still went back everyday because he “didn’t want to let his team down”. The football players can be as savaged as they want in that field. They need to protect their “leader”, scream to the heavens their undying loyalty for their team and must put everything on the line for the team. Sounds familiar?

We claim to be “the free world”. We claim to be peace making, freedom loving people. To us the bad guys are the ones with guns hurting people and we are the good guys saving the world. Yet it is our men and women killing civilians left and right. We are the country with the most nuclear bombs and with the biggest army expense in the world when we don’t even have health care for every American. How cynical are we if we are outraged for a shooting in an American base but don’t care what happens in the countries we are giving “freedom” to?

What happened in Texas shocked the whole country. We were outraged and disbelieved this happened in our land. Yet things like that happen in Israel, Iraq and almost any third world country frequently. We turned the other cheek when that is happening to the little guy, but if they do it to us; we are going to start pointing fingers.

I’m not here to bash on the US. I love the US as much as anyone else born here but I don’t agree with the decisions our corrupted government is doing with our money and what they brainwashed us to believe.

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C_B_Mia said...
Jul. 18, 2010 at 8:57 am

Isreal is not a third world country. I lived there and it is very modern and respects the opinions of others.

anyhow, Good article! It had a point.

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