Glenn Beck: What The Heck!?

November 18, 2009
By , Reno, OH
I don't know how many teens watch Glenn Beck's show on FOX News but I do, not every day but often enough. I believe in most of what he talks about but as everyone should keep in mind, what he says or anyone else says for the matter, is not gospel. I believe as well as many of you do, (maybe not you) that our country is corrupt, and that scares me. I may be on the verge of having to get my own job, etc, etc, and things might turn out OK, however, I don't think things will. I have yet to hear what WE can do about it, because I'm sorry to break the truth to 'yah', but if Glenn can't get a hold of anybody in the White House, nor can we. I don't see the point in writing a letter (or at least taking my precious time away) to Congress if all they are going to do with it is put me on a 'Watch List' and shred it up. What can we do??? I may listen to Glenn Beck and sometimes take what he says in stride, just as any other mainstream media source, but I have to agree with much of what he has to say. However, what are we supposed to do about the problem, What The Heck, Mr. Beck?
P.S. Do You Believe The Government Should Provide Healthcare For The Public? (I hope you answer 'NO'!!!)

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