Murder Mystery

November 25, 2009
By chief SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
chief SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Resting in their domiciles at three twenty in the morning, the residents of Kew Gardens are awoken by fatal screams from Catherine Genovese. A lurid crime has just been committed. Fifty minutes elapsed and Catherine Genovese had been stabbed three separate occasions, ten minutes apart. In order to obviate this atrocious murder, the residents had to call the police and they would’ve arrived in minutes. But, the residents did nothing. Being a sporadic person when it comes to danger, I would’ve contacted the police right away.

Telephones are the best thing the residents could’ve used to contact the police. The resident’s rash reaction cost a woman her life. Watching the fight, they should’ve made a conjecture that someones life was in danger. Instead of being meticulous, one woman thought it was a “lovers’ quarrel.” The police said themselves that they would’ve arrived in two minutes had someone contacted them.

Caring only for them, the lax residents of Kew Garden should’ve reacted quickly to the murder in progress. But they didn’t. The quip reasons they gave the police on why they didn’t contact them right away went something like “We didn’t want to get involved,” or “I was tired… I went back to bed.” Not good enough excuses in my opinion. One of the residents didn’t even know why they didn’t call the police. An innocent life was taken that night because the residents were selfish and didn’t want to help a fellow neighbor at the fear they might get involved. They were in their houses; the killer wouldn’t have known who called the police.

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