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September 22, 2009
By Red-Cross SILVER, Boise, Idaho
Red-Cross SILVER, Boise, Idaho
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The venture to define one’s self in the complexity that is American politics seems a complicated and impossible undertaking. The concrete image fed to us by the national voice of left and right opposing viewpoints is nearly blasphemous in concept. Rather in a nation so confused, we would be more accurate to stare at the 360 degrees within a compass to define our exact political standards. The United States political system has become the model which has proven to cause colossal issues for millennia, that of a class rebellion – Yes it really is that simple. The battle between Liberal and Conservative – Democrat and Republican – Libertarian and Authoritarian, resembles increasingly like such a rebellion, in which the under-dog feels a powerful necessity to eliminate the other. History has again and again proven that class conflicts and rebellions are an essence that can never succeed in a Republic setting such as the United States. Find one educated in the history of this nation and ask him about Bacon’s Rebellion, I assure you that we can replace the opposing sides with any of the ideals of today and find that it is an exact match.

Confusion en mass has caused an unparalleled amount of hysteria among many who refuse to educate beyond what is fed to them by a biased service. Can they be blamed? Of course not – We seem to overestimate the intelligence of common man. Should these people be educated? Better yet, could they be educated? It doesn’t matter. What should be regulated is the state of the media. In fact, the media has gone far beyond to point of control. They have reached a point in which it is possible to ask, “Is it my elected government that puts together the fabric with which I live my life, or is it the corrupt media and their endless conflicts of left-out truths and misinformation that decide?” -- It is a rather disturbing question to answer, isn’t it? All of you who protest, it does not matter what or where or who, I ask you to stop. Stop for only a moment, and look at what has happened around you. You have allowed yourself to become a mob culture. Are you even sure what you protest for? We have forgotten the most sacred gift given to us as human beings. We have forgotten logic. We have adopted impulsive thinking and irrational behavior.

Welcome to anti-intellectual America. Anti-intellectualism is a concept which can be taken in two very different ways. Primarily, it can inspire an individual independence, opening the door to what a structured intellectual system could not offer. In secondary, anti-intellectualism can cause crisis. We suffer from the secondary effect of anti-intellectualism. America, as a whole, has forgotten that in order to embrace such a concept, one must willingly view multiple sides of the argument with an open mind. This unwillingness to accept and most of all, be proven wrong, has lead us to a mob culture of hear-say politics. I recommend we all stop for a moment and open our eyes – There is a world beyond what we think. Outrage does not begin to describe the emotions of the educated towards those who possess the ignorant. Stop this non-sense, I do beg you. We, the people of the United States of America are free to believe. We should not succumb to these childish impulses to never be wrong. We should not be a mob. We should be independence.

The author's comments:
This piece was inspired by the recent events in American political history and how I see it. It has always been my nature to be rather opinionated.

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