An American

April 27, 2009
By Anonymous

What defines an American? Simply defined, an American would be a person that has become a citizen of the United States of America, by naturalization or by birth. However, the question must be asked. Is being an American that simple? In my opinion, an American is not only just a citizen, but rather a citizen that exercises their rights freely, that is well informed, and that contributes to the general prosperity of the United States.

An American utilizes his or her rights. Exercising rights and freedoms is not something that other people around the world have the honor or the privilege to do. Thus, as Americans, we must, because we can. Otherwise, what good will come if your voice is not heard through your vote, or could not freely practice religion. Our Forefathers strived for the rights of today, and we must use them to make available the same for our children. Not only must we exercise our rights, we must be informed.

An American is informed. As Americans with choices and decisions that influence ourselves and our posterity, we must be informed. By being informed as Americans, we can make decisions that are appropriate and accurate. We also must contribute ourselves.

An American contributes. As Americans, we have a duty to help each other as a whole. By working a job, and paying taxes, this can easily be accomplished. Taxes are used to provide for what the free market does not address; public works, parks, roads, etc. are provided through taxes. By contributing a small share, we can help ourselves.

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