What kids think love is and what is really is!

March 25, 2009
Kids also known as teens in this world today are know for saying i love you to every boyfriend or girlfriend they have. But i think that people should not say i love if they do not mean it. Love is compasion, Companionship something to people share not something they say to every person they look at or see. Today in this generation teens or childreen are not raised proporaly to know what love and that stuff is really about so they think it is okay to say it to everybody but its not. I wish every Teen knew what love is because when they find someone that they really love and they are so used to saying it when they get there heart broken, they are not going to realize that they really loved that person

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freeangel said...
Nov. 10, 2010 at 2:39 pm
thats true love is beatiful only for the person you love from the bottom of your heart it digust me to see teens say i love you then next week or in a month they break up yu make a good poin
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