Give Peace A Chance

July 21, 2009
By EscapetheFate123 BRONZE, Deloraine, Other
EscapetheFate123 BRONZE, Deloraine, Other
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Peace begins with a laugh. A hug. A smile. Do you not feel more happy now that you have shared these things with me? More loved? More Peaceful? Yes, my friends. Peace begins with a smile.
But what is peace? What is this thing we hear of, more often then not? We sit in our homes watching as tragedy after tragedy blasts across the TV screen, as murder, rape and wars occur all over the world. And yet here I stand talking to you of peace. What is peace? If I where to ask you right now "what is peace?" what would your answer be?
Peace to me is happiness, freedom. Love. Peace to me is a world without violence, a world without weapons of any sort. A place where people are equal, there is no one higher than another. Where we are all at ease with each other, happy to be who we are. Not afraid to be judged. A world where I can be me.
The dictionary meaning of peace is "A state of harmony between people or groups. Freedom from disturbance, a state of stillness, silence or serenity."
But what is peace to you!? What does it mean!? Why does it matter so?
The truth is, we need it!
Were talking about racism, sexism, idealism, capitalism. Were talking about the difference between cultures, the change in skin colour, the fights for justice, the difference in peoples beliefs, morals and religions.
The wars caused by mis-understandings or no contact.
Its all there, all through the years. History my friends. And we are part of that history. It could be us seen to make the biggist mistakes, or it could be us who made that difference. Who understood, who didnt judge. Its all in the choice.
Maybe one of these days you'll make that choice, you'll step out of the line and bring as many with you as posible. Cause even the smallest can make the difference. Or maybe you'll just stick with the crowd, continue the pattern. Why not? Only the heavens know how many others have done so before you.
But then there are those few people who understand the unfairness, and speak up. That too, is in our history. I'm sure you can think of some. Come on.
The Wimons Liberation Movement. Where would we be today if not for them? Animal Rights, Enviromentalists, Martin Luther King. Barrak Obama.
These are the people I admire. The people who made that choice. The people who stood out.
But what would we care? Were younge, we dont know. Most of us havnt came across these things. Most of us are content with our world. I mean, Australia's a good place to live. There's little poverty, no wars, no sudden screams through the night. What do we care if all these things are continuesly effecting people over seas. Its not our problem. Or is it?
Do you think we can stay like this forever? Do you think we will not have our taste of disasters?
We are younge, yes. We are inocent, yes. But do we want to help other people? Whats the true meaning of peace? Help others, live in harmony, be as one. Its not all just going to happen by itself. We are the ones who make that disision, all of us. We are the ones who get to chose. I made my choice.
All that I'm saying, is give peace a chance.

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Vicky11 SILVER said...
on Jul. 25 2011 at 7:29 am
Vicky11 SILVER, Charlottenlund, Other
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Favorite Quote:
The wisest men follow their own direction - Euripides

Inspirational piece, I loved it :) this is the type of articles people should read 

on Aug. 6 2009 at 2:08 pm
pinksage33 BRONZE, Woodstock, New York
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Very true.


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