Media today for girls

March 2, 2009
By , Zanesville, OH
Girls today are obligated to be perfect from magazines,tv,music videos. Girls are on constant pressure to look good and be perfect. Media had brainwashed teen girls into thinking of what is really beautiful. Which leads to low self-esteem,depression,eating disorders this is what happens when you make one magazine full of women that are not normal airbrushed and weighing as much as a dime. Girls today have the powere to change that models should be not perfect because teens self-esteem will go up teen girls may enjoy reading about being above perfection but its not something that we can be or do. Flws are what make girls beautiful. Girls should be able to look in the mirror at all their wondeful qualities no their imperfections. Beleive it or not but the media can break a single girl in and out all because of what the media says they should be.

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