Adidas Bad Ad

January 13, 2009
By Anonymous

This ad was made by Adidas to advertise the women's Supernova Cushion running shoe. The ad is targeting white women in their teens to mid twenties who are into running. This is because it is an ad for running shoes with two white women running. The technique of beautiful women is being used because on the right page of the ad, a white female is zoomed in on. She seems to be physically fit and good looking. But, instead of actually showing the female running with the shoes on, the view is of the upper thigh, torso, and partially the head. This gives girls who see this ad the idea they can look good and in shape if they run in these shoes.

The left side of the ad shows the top and sides of the pair of shoes. The text on the box is a quote from someone named John Williams that says, "Our short runs used to be our long runs." Under her name is the Adidas slogan "Impossible is Nothing." Under the picture of the box, there is the name of the shoe and a description of how it affects your running. Below that is the Adidas' running website. The right side of the page features the Adidas symbol in the top right corner. It also shows two females running in an urban environment.
They seem to be friends or teammates out on a run, because the girl in front looks like she's talking to the girl in the back. The view of the girl in the front is of her mid thigh, torso, and lower head. She is wearing a pair of Adidas spandex running pants and a white Adidas Formation shirt. The viewer can see they are running on a grass field with apartment buildings in the background that fade into the sunlight. The whole picture is black and white, except for the shoes and text near the shoes. This is to draw attention to the pink soled bottom of the shoe. It misleads the viewer to think that shoes make the runner.

The girls seem to be on a relaxing run because of the black and white theme of the picture. This creates a relaxed or calm feeling and draws attention to the pink soled shoes. Attention also gets drawn to the right side of the page where the girl is. Her upper thigh and torso are highlighted in this shot of a girl with tight leggings in a white t-shirt is shown. That is what's bad about the advertisement. They use a good-looking girl to try to get other girls to buy these shoes. Even though this shows running is good for health, girls in their teens could see this as a message suggesting if they buy these shoes, they will develop a nice butt and thighs which is shown by the spandex leggings. They will also be thin and attractive as shown by the size of the girl wearing the white t-shirt.
Since the girl isn't actually shown running in the shoes, the ad is confusing and leaves unanswered questions. The viewer has to go buy or at least try out the shoes to see how they are. So, overall the ad is informative and uses a good-looking girl to sell a product that is could be just another pair of shoes.

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