Oh! How Entertaining Television Is: A Satire

June 3, 2009
By Ryan Stikeleather BRONZE, Glendale, Arizona
Ryan Stikeleather BRONZE, Glendale, Arizona
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Oh! How we love television. Coming home to it after a long days work; it is the most common form of entertainment. And Oh! How I am entertained, the possibilities of what to watch are countless. There are thousands of things to watch, though I keep finding myself coming back to the same shows. Usually, the first show in my nightly lineup is Jon and Kate plus Eight. Oh! How I love watching children throw temper tantrums. It’s actually quite funny how the show came to be about: You see, Jon and Kate already had two children and they wanted one more. Although, with the aid of massive amounts of fertility treatments, they got six kids. Isn’t that delightful! Wouldn’t you love to try and have a baby, and then have six? Oh! How I love watching another’s problems. It’s like I can live the life situation given to me, without ever even having it! It’s quite ironic I find that most of us in society enjoy watching the things you wish will never happen to you, happen to someone else.

The second show I find quite amusing is 18 and Counting. This fine program is about a family of 18 and their lives. The counting part of the title is due to their desire to have more children. Oh! How I love the contradiction in watching 18 and Counting. Most of us can barely stand our own siblings. Bare in mind, most of us only have 1 or 2 siblings. So they made a show where you can watch 18 siblings together. I am sure you would love to have 16 or 15 more brothers and sisters, so it became necessary to create a show where you can experience that; from the comfort of your living room. And alas, the show must be renamed, 19 and counting. Yes, they had another kid; my conclusion is, they have to be supporting the belief that we should repopulate the Earth.

The last show in my fabulous lineup is Little People Big World. Oh! How I love watching a show about midgets doing farm work. Though not only that, but really watching them, within their home, studying them. Just looking to see how they interact with each other, even watching them while they sleep. It has always been a curiosity of mine to find out how midgets argue and do chores, like grocery shopping! I have come to the conclusion that all midgets are extremely wealthy and capable of doing farm work. Also, they argue and shop just like everyone else; trust me I know, I’ve watched. So, after my long day of working and doing my chores and errands, I can watch another family do just what I did. But not only that, I will be entertained by what they must do, just as I was so enthusiastic about doing what I had to do.

As you can see, television is the most common and best form of entertainment readily available. It provides you with thousands of opportunities of amazing and fun entertainment. Then I find myself, like millions of others do, tuning into shows such as Jon and Kate Plus Eight, 18 and Counting, and Little People Big World. These programs impregnate thoughts of: “Wow! I hope that never happens to me.” And “Why do I want to watch all these kids run around?” and “Wow! I can’t believe I am watching someone else do, what I hate to do”. Oh! How entertaining television is.

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