feelings from deep within my soul

March 29, 2009
By musicavita11 SILVER, Schoolcraft, Michigan
musicavita11 SILVER, Schoolcraft, Michigan
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"Be the change you wish to see in the world" -- Ghandi

my soul plays an important role in my life. it's what makes me...well...me. if i had no soul, id be a bottomless pit of darkness. but when my soul is in full use, my life feels like a roller coaster ride. it has its ups and downs, but that's what makes a person interesting. some days, i could hate the world so much that i would throw a glass bowl across the room and break it, then go into a giant break down. but the other days, i get a feeling like no other. i actually feel like i mean something to the world. like my actions and music can actually make a difference. and let me tell u, it's the best feeling to have. normally, i express myself through writing, and when someone can actually relate to what im expressing, it makes my soul soar. there's no other feeling like it. the soul is a unique part of a person. it's what truly makes u urself. if nobody had a soul or personality, we would all be bland like unflavored oatmeal. but since most people allow themselves to have soul and personality, we choose for ourselves to be colorful, free spirits. it's crazy how much we can change our lives. people say "my life sucks and there's nothing i can do about it." WRONG! there is something u can do about it. even if ur physical life maybe rough, it doesn't mean ur emotional life has to be too. if u let urself free from all bad thoughts, then u'll be a happier person. i myself have had my fair share of complaints. i may not be happy with myself, but it doesn't mean i absolutely hate myself. if u ask some of my closer, more personal friends, they could probably name a few times when i complain about everything....but then there's those few days in between the roughness that they see my actual happy soul. my free and colorful spirit. everyone always has there moments. bad attitudes, bad hair days, what ever it is, just remember to let ur soul soar above everything else and be urself. ur soul is what makes u...U!!!

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