March 29, 2009
By MelindaM GOLD, San Diego, California
MelindaM GOLD, San Diego, California
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Situated outside in the cruel darkness are children. Dear sweet, innocent children spellbound in a trance due to have recently lost both of their beloved role models; their mother and father. They at a turn of a moment felt and were nowadays inclusively alone. Loneliness haunted them from the top of their intricate minds down to the bottom of their cold bare-footed feet. Unfortunately however they had lost everything. Everything solely that meant the world to them. Ill-fatedness regrettably turns those innocent children onto a depressive-brick road where led into taking drugs, drunk driving (if they are over the age of sixteen), go into a deep depression, or commit suicide due that they couldn’t live without their parents. However, to prevent these kids from going on that wrong depressive path many people in this world can become a role model to any one of those kids who need one. Also if you try to lead them onto the right path and try your best to make them look up to you eventually they realize that someone will always be there to watch over them. Lastly, by being a role model to someone you could help drop the percentage for kids taking drugs and alcohol in the future, and help them realize that they’ll never ever be alone.

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece to show to you guys how some kids out there in this world feel very alone. Also I wanted to show some ways how people can help kids in this type of situation.

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