Cell phones, distraction or a deserved?

March 28, 2009
Hey kids, parents, teachers, and student don’t you want your schools to be ahead of the game? Have all the new technology? Recognize the latest fad? Well if your school doesn’t allow cell phones I’m sorry to say your school is behind times. Cell phones are a necessity now a day. We need cell phones for so many reasons. A lot of times we need our phones in school. Don’t believe me that cell phones really should be allowed in school? Well read the next couple paragraphs to see the real picture.

In a time of emergency your child could contact you immediately or vice versa with the use of a cell phone, no need for everyone in the school to know your business of calling. That’s only one reason. Have you as a parent ever worried that you’re teen might make a wrong decision, go to the wrong place after you have waved goodbye to them at the bus stop? Well if teens could carry phones with them to class you would no longer have to stress yourself out with that worry. You could insure that your child always has a cell phone for safety reasons. Cell phones built in the twenty first century have a tracking system installed. You can always check that your teen is where they are supposed to be even when you’re not watching them at school.

Phones won’t be as much of a distraction during class as some anti cell phone users say. If there are disciplinary rules set in place concerning the usage of cellular phones pupils will not use them inappropriately without consequences. There can be rules set in place. For example the first time you are caught using your cell phone during a class it is a warning and a week of lunch detentions, the second time, your phone is taken away plus two weeks of lunch detention and one after school detention. The third time you are given three after school detentions and your phone is confiscated so only a parent or guardian can pick it up. There will also be a meeting with you, your parents, the principal, and your teachers that were involved with your offense. This would definitely discourage inappropriate cell phone use. Phones will always be set to either “off” or “all sounds off” during school. Phones will be in student’s pockets not their hands. They will definitely not be a distraction during school.

Cell phones can be used for educational purposes- especially technology and photography class! Teachers could make activities including cell phones to help students learn. I took an interview of three of my teachers and they all say they would not make activities using cell phones however they say this because cell phones don’t really help in the subjects they teach or that not every student has a phone. If not every student has a phone then they could do a worksheet. I also totally understand that in some subjects cell phones wouldn’t work out, but in the subjects where they do fit in they are a huge help. Now that cell phones have cameras installed many things can be done with them. Technology teachers have a big opportunity with this also. They can have a while new unit on how cell phones work and how to use them and so on. In a photography class you can compare the pictures from cell phones to digital cameras or student drawn paintings. Cell phones can be educational too!

Students would take unnecessary pictures of one and other some people against this idea say. But when exactly will students have time to do this? If student’s phones are supposed to be in there pockets at all times they will never get a chance to do this! “Anti cell phone users in class” say that our children will text during class. Yes some teens will do this. But most of them will get caught and punished severely. Maybe only about 1/5 of all teens will take the chance to text during class if the proper punishment is put in place. Another issue is that some scientists believe that cell phones can affect premature brain waves. There is no real proof of that. It is just another myth that has yet to be proven.

Now can’t you see why cell phones are necessary in class for students? Cell phones are just another part of our daily schedule. We all just need to learn to adapt to them. Teachers have there phones in school so why cant kids? We need more responsibility and cell phones will provide that. It will also advise us of making our own decisions. We can call anyone and talk to anyone that will help us in the future. No matter what anti cell phone users say cell phones are always needed even in the classroom during school.

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