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Gender Stereotypes

April 30, 2018
By binkk BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
binkk BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
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Gender Stereotypes are predetermined sets of attitudes and behaviors that are believed to be typical of all men or women. I personally believe that there shouldn’t be any gender stereotypes considering it is insulting and degrading to both genders, not only women as though many people feel that way. Women are always being told they can’t do something because “It’s a man’s job.” Men can also be insulted by gender stereotypes. “You’re less of a man if you show your emotions.” Saying someone can’t show emotions because of their gender? Now that’s just absurd.

My first example of insulting gender stereotypes is the fact that many men claim “Women belong in the kitchen.” That whole sentence is ridiculous. Men who think they have to be served hand and foot don’t deserve a woman at all. I believe that both genders can be cooperative in the kitchen. Cooking isn’t a feminine thing so a man should have no problem in doing so. Yes, I get that if a man has been working all day and the wife has been at home then the polite thing to do for him would be to cook him a meal. In another scenario the man should cook for the woman.

An example for a guy gender stereotype would be that “Guys are the money makers in the relationship.” I personally think that the work should be equal and you should both support each other. If both of you are working then there would be more money coming in so that’s a plus. You shouldn’t give men the responsibility of supporting everything and everyone in the whole family. That can be a huge burden and cause a lot of troubles in families like arguments and stress.

An additional female gender stereotype would be that “Woman are too emotional.” Woman in many countries are seen as affectionate, polite, and accommodating while men are portrayed as strong, aggressive and bold. This isn’t always the case as it depends on how you were brought up. Some people have been raised and taught to be aggressive and bold and some were raised to be polite and affectionate. In more traditional families, they do believe in gender stereotypes and how one gender should act, talk, and look a certain way but other families may be free-willed and not go by what’s “appropriate” for that gender.

To conclude this essay, no certain attributes, characteristics or roles are owned by only one gender. Men and women can look, do, and act the same way.

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