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The Problems of Social Media

April 22, 2018
By JessP BRONZE, Congers, New York
JessP BRONZE, Congers, New York
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Today’s society is faced with the increasing problem of electronics and social media. What used to be considered a dream is now the number one cause of wasted time, distraction, teenage obesity, and inadequate communication. iPhones and their apps including Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook, as well as a variety of games, have all turned the current generation into a bunch of antisocial, distant, and uncommunicative people. This sounds just like what the 21st century needed, doesn't it? Firstly, texting was created as a way to worsen students grammar, spelling, and punctuation. LOL, TTYL, and OMG are all new acronyms that kids are reluctant to use in their English papers as they have become part of the language of the current generation; if you're lucky you may occasionally even find these acronyms written in my assignments because why not abbreviate words and write less if you can? Everyone knows less is more! Most dominantly, you will find acronyms like these on social media apps where everyone shares TMI with their hundreds and thousands of followers they barely even know. But you should know, if you didn’t post it, did it really happen? Instagram is perfect for you to spend all day looking at pictures that have the most natural filters on them of the people you follow and to even watch the most educational videos on how to make slime, paint cool designs on your nails or even how to fall and slip on your face.Who wouldn’t want to spend their valuable time doing this? If this isn’t enough, you can download Snapchat where you send “selfies” back and forth with your friends and you can even start streaks for consecutive days snapping each other. Once you start a streak though, you better be sure not to lose it, or that friendship you had could just end, so you better remember to snap all 127 streaks at least once a day. Oh, and be careful who you answer because you need to remember to hold the camera really high above your face to get the perfect angle and occasionally even cut out one of your eyes in the picture to make sure you look your best for certain people. Another app known as Twitter, allows you to “tweet” out messages to your followers but each tweet is limited to 140 characters so only use this app if you're extra lazy so you will have an excuse for not writing a lot. No one really uses twitter anymore though except for older people who think it’s the new thing. Facebook, which older people also love, allows you to post albums of photos instead of just a couple photos a week like on Instagram. Additionally, on Facebook you are even able to tell if Susie’s still in a relationship or not, but you need to make sure you update your status as soon as things change for you or else rumors could start spreading and I know you would never want that. All of these apps allow you to spend endless amounts of time on them and are just what kids need today while they are trying to do their homework. Overall, I am very honored and feel beyond lucky that all of these technological advancements came about just in time for my generation. GTG, TTYL!

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As a high school student, I feel that electronics and social media have begun to consume students lives. The amount of activities one can do on their cellphones has increased dramatically and has become something one can theriotericlaly do all day long. I hope this article puts into perspective the amount of time kids today can really waste on their phones. 

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