Religion And The Modern World

April 11, 2009
By jamiew20 SILVER, Lachine, Other
jamiew20 SILVER, Lachine, Other
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Whether it be the middle ages or modern times, it has always been clear that religion has caused problems for society. It causes major arguments, prejudices and sometimes even wars, which leaves us with some questions that have plagued mankind for many, many years.
First I would like to explain the origins of religion and why it can be good for some individuals. Throughout the entire history of man, we have always believed that there is some sort of higher power that created us and is watching over us (though we may not always agree on what this higher power is), and this is the basis of every religion. As man evolved we began to believe that this higher power was judging us on our faults and other qualities, and depending on how we acted in life decided on which type of afterlife we are sent to, we also made up stories as to how this higher power created man and earth.
Throughout the centuries, and despite the conflicts that it causes, religion has always been a source of hope for mankind. It has given people something to believe in, and has helped them feel better about themselves, their personal situations, and the world in general. It can also bring families and friends together through their faith, but of course, the downside to religion far outweighs the upside.
Religion causes prejudice, especially in the middle ages when life and society was basically all based on religion. Since everyone believed so deeply and greatly in their religions it was much harder to accept anyone else’s beliefs, and so people of different cultures formed prejudices against each other. Even today, very religious people still have prejudices against each other, just for having a different way of thinking.
Another downside to religion is that no matter where you go, you have religions that are being imposed on you. During the colonization period this was especially true, when the Americas were first discovered and when Africans began being used as slaves, the Europeans would try to impose their religions on them by building churches and preaching God’s word to them. Even now in modern times, anyone who doesn’t have a religion is being pressured to take one. Religion has even become so commercial that people go door to door to impose views on their fellow human beings.
Some of these differences and prejudices can lead to very serious conflicts and sometimes even wars, which now leaves us with the question: “Can religion co-exist with the modern world?”
To answer that question, it can, but only under some conditions that are very hard to fulfill.
If each and every individual on our planet can accept that other religions besides theirs are reasonable, and if every individual on this planet can learn to accept other views, than that would be a gigantic breakthrough for mankind, and only then can religion ever co-exist with the modern world, but this might never be possible for us, since there will always be close-minded people in the world.
People who are very religious also need to be able to accept various scientific theories like evolution. It doesn’t have to interfere with their religious beliefs; they just have to accept that it might be true.
Lastly, and as I was saying before, we all have to be open to other people’s beliefs, and not let it interfere with actually getting to know the person for who they really are.
In conclusion, religion may be necessary for some people, but the world would be doing much better without it. It causes conflicts, and wars as well and the only way that religion can co-exist with the modern world is if everyone works hard to make changes and learns to accept and get along.

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