My Future: An interview I did on my self.

April 11, 2009
lauren,the,writer,and,photographer. GOLD, Vidor, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
Stand Up For What You Believe In; Even If Your Standing Alone.

Life isn't about finding yourself, its about creating your self.

When you say i do; that means i do you and you do me; and we do NObody else.
-Devin Wyman #72,NFLpatriots


I would like a Track Scholarship.
Go to a College where I can get work done and persue my life doings of being a Children's Doctor, and a track runner.

Which one:

Most likely out of the two I would love too do both.
Children, family, and Track are my whole life.

What would happen if you couldn't had none of them?

I know I'm only 12, but if I couldn't have none of them, there wouldn't be much of my life to live.

Focus on:

Grades, and helping others. Grades are important, even though I'm one of our fastest girls on the track team, and I had horrible grades, I wouldn't be-able to run track. Helping others because, it's a wonderful thing. I wouldn't want someone to just sit there if I was hurt.


Yes. I would absolutely love to be in the Olympics. If I could be an Olympic Track Runner at my age (12)
I would definetly do it!


At my age, I don't know. I would have to get a Doctor's Degree. But I would love to be one when I'm older.

What would happen if a Track Coach from a College in Texas read this and gave you a Scholarship?

I would be thinking wow "I've already persuade one of my favorite life doings." I would say yes!

If you had to give up family for true love would you do it?

No I would not. Family is way more important than true love. Exspecially at my age.

Do you agree with our president?

Personally, I'm 12. I can't vote. It's really not my opinion on what our President says. It's our Adult's opinion. But yes, I like having President Obama. It's a new set of life you our Country.


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