Anger Isa Gift

April 11, 2018
By slothgirlflips PLATINUM, Hartland, Wisconsin
slothgirlflips PLATINUM, Hartland, Wisconsin
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My sister snatched my stuffed animal, and I swiped three back. My candy, my toys, my clothes, mine! My parents say I have a problem with sharing, or rather, anger issues. Anger is my gift.
My mom forgets to pack cookies in my lunch. My dad packs me water instead of apple juice. My parents’ choices make me angry, so I make my own lunch for school. Anger is my gift.
My teacher couldn’t read my handwriting, so she gave me a zero. My friends scored higher on their maths tests. My teacher and my grades make me angry. I work harder. Anger is my gift.
My cheer coach didn’t put me in the front of the routine. My teammates told me my jumps were too low. My supporters were not encouraging, and I became angry. So I train longer and harder. Anger is my gift.
My sister told me I could never become a nurse. My mom told me I should consider other careers. My grandma became angry and so did I. So she helped me enroll to become a nursing assistant. Anger is my gift.
My brother told me I would be happy. My parents claim I need to “let loose” and “lighten up.” My family’s “advice” made me angry. Anger is my gift.
My anger helped me cherish my belongings. My anger taught me responsibility. My anger helped me develop a love for learning. I take pride in anger, because it is my gift.
My anger motivated me to work harder and become the top cheerleader.  My anger supported me in nursing school. My anger helped me become happy, by working hard to get what I want. I take pride in anger, because it is my gift.

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