All Night

April 9, 2018
By Anonymous

The name of the work of art our group chose was All Night by Beyonce. We chose this piece of work over the others because it spoke more to us more as a whole. The theme we see in the video is that you’re supposed to use what is given to you and be humble The author, Jesmyn Ward, develops this theme when Esch pushes through all her problems.In the novel, Salvage the Bones, the theme of using what is given to you, is shown. On page 10, the author writes "Help your brother with them bottles… Esch and Junior was collecting beer bottles to wash and fill with water for the hurricane.” Jesmyn Ward is trying to say that you can use what is given to you.This demonstrates using what is giving to you because they are reusing bottles that once had something in them.This is just one way that theme is used in the novel. In the music video, All Night, from Beyoncé Lemonade album, the theme of using what is given to you is shown a couple of times. In the music video, the elder lady says “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” The message that Beyoncé is trying to get through in this part of the video, is to use what is given to you and not waste any of it. This demonstrates the theme of using what is given to you because it expresses that we should use what we have. This is just one way the theme is shown in All Night. This theme is also shown throughout Salvage the Bones.  In both Beyonce’s video, and in Jesmyn Ward’s novel, they communicate the message that you have to use what is given to you, no matter how broken it might be. In the music video ALL NIGHT, there are many couples shown. While they seem very happy, not everyone has a perfect relationship, and they used what was wrong in their relationships to make it right. In the novel SALVAGE THE BONES, Esch isn’t given the perfect fairy tale life, and she has a complicated love life, but she still keeps fighting through her struggles to make herself have a good life. This demonstrates the idea of use what is given to us because in the artwork and the novel, they have complicated relationships that they are trying to fix with what they have. These are just some of the ways that the theme is shown to be communicated in both the video, and the novel. You should care for these two kinds of art because the two are very humbling and very modest. This is an important theme to understand because in today's society we need more humble and modest readings than just cockiness and self-centered readings. With all of that being said, use what you got and be humble.

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