Growing Up

April 8, 2018

Growing up is hard, harder then most people think it will be. Not because your getting older. But because things are getting harder. You start to ask your self what you want next for your future. Or how you're gonna get there. You try to make plan for that very moment, but when it doesn't go your way you feel like you failed your self. But in the end that's how life is. You just have to move forward to succeed at wha you want for your self not anyone else. If you decide that the plans you made aren't the plans you want to move on with. Then change it, because in the end it's your life that you have to live. Have the self confidence to decide what you want, an go for it. Because no matter what you'll make it. So in my opinion try it, try being confident in your self. Cause you are a beautiful young person, who will succeed one day. Whether that be with love, work, or life in general.

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