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You Are Not Made of Numbers

April 7, 2018

You stay up all night working on the same mathematical equation to score 100 out of 100. You run till your toes become blue to lose weight to 45 kilograms. You work hard and sweat to achieve first rank in the next competition. Yet, you end up being disappointed.

You've pictured your life only on the numbers. They are screaming inside your head. But, let me tell you, You and your whole life are not based on these f***ing numbers. You can't be judged for your low marks in mathematics exam, likes on a picture, rank in a competition, poor CGPA, your weight, bank balance or a few number of freinds that you have. All these numbers don't make you.

When you go home with a 'C' in trigonometry, you feel everything going wrong with you. You fear remaining just a name and you fear about your future. And this is why you let these numbers bother you. Everyone's imperfect, so you are. All these numbers don't tell that you're dumb. They don't narrate your story or your character. They don't determine your worth or failure.

People won't talk to you or sing your praises until you get straight A's in all exams. They would just make you feel worthless. They would show you down for numbers on a weighing scale or likes on a picture. F*** all those people!

The most important thing that you should know is you're a beautiful soul with shine in the eyes, sparkle in the veins. You're the gem which can make anyone smile. And if you're a good person, it's more than enough.

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