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Narratively Balanced

April 4, 2018
By Zebralove166 SILVER, Madelia, Minnesota
Zebralove166 SILVER, Madelia, Minnesota
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When I moved to Madelia, I believe that I was 12 turning 13. I had just finished 6th grade and I had transferred to the High school to start 7th-12th grade. I remember not having any friends being the loner. I was picked on alot because since I was the new student the kids who had knew each other thought of me a fresh bait. I remember being scared about starting 7th grade.

I never really fit in with any kids. There was the jocks, the geeks, the nerds, the “plastics” and there was me. I wasn’t in a group. I was basically a loner. 7th grade girls were really witchy and made me want to punch them. The classes were difficult.My favorite class was American History.

I seriously loved doing the OREGON TRAIL! We would pretend to be a family on our way to start a life in Oregon. I had successfully finished 7th grade. A new year arrived and 8th grade was starting. I still was the new student so technically I was still considered fresh bait.
My classes were 10x worse, I had english, algebra,geography which I loved the most. English was my least favorite based on the fact that I didn’t think the teacher liked me very much. I wasn’t really a fan of the idea of presenting book reports and projects in front of the class. And when I think back on that It comes as a surprise because I am not a very shy person.I still didn’t have any friends.

I apparently in the eyes of my fellows classmates back then I was considered the “class pet”. At the time I was confused because in my eyes it wasn’t me sucking up to the teachers or anything it mostly just was my way of try to get my teachers to like me.

8th grade ended and 9th grade arrived and yet again I still don’t have many friends. I’m officially going to be that lady who has a lot of cats because no one wants to be her friend. But yet again I’m only 15 and that’s eons away.

Just think of Doctor who he didn’t have any friends and look how he turned out. He turned out perfectly fine besides the few loose screws in his head. Even though my parents tell me that after high school when you are older and successful the kids that you thought were your friends will probably after high school forget your name.

As horrible as I make high school sound if it wasn’t for my parents idea in moving to Madelia,  I wouldn’t have met so many amazing people. I wouldn’t have met Mrs.Bauman or Joann or any of the other people that i am acquaintances with. I know I am always talking about how terrible school is but really when your put your mind to it unless you want to be an employee at McDonald's for the rest of your life.

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