Dakota & Anabel

October 16, 2017
By AnabelFielding BRONZE, San Francisco, California
AnabelFielding BRONZE, San Francisco, California
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Ok. Let’s start with Dakota’s an ass. Well, I didn’t think of him like that before… but he is now. I think it began with his smile and his eyes, oh, how much I love his green blue-ish eyes.


He and I were in the gym. Specifically, it was my Sunset Elementary School gym. He e was standing across the room in a white t-shirt. I don’t remember what I was wearing at all, though. Sorry. My friend Dylan, or Deedee depending on who you’re asking, asked me a question.

“Who do you like, Anabel? “
“Me, um I don’t know?” I replied shyly.
“WHO DO YOU LIKE, ANABEL!” she screamed.
“SHHH! Ok, him.” I responded casually.
I pointed across the room of what would soon be my crush… Dakota, stitches down his neck and he previously had an oxygen tank, from across the room.
“Dakota! You have a crush on Dakota?!”  she said.
“Yes… I do.” I replied.
He was eating cookies with his teammates in the boys sports club while I was in the girls sports club.
The first thing I noticed about him was his smile. His smile was like that of Zac Efron’s the only hottest guy you ever see in movies. His eyes were like Taylor Swift’s but green and sparkling.


Telling him I liked him

My friends told him I liked him in the 4th grade. I was surprised by his reaction. I imagined he scratched his ear and smiled and then he left to run and hang out with his buddies. He probably told his friends about how a girl named Anabel liked him.
I don’t care, honestly. At that moment, all I knew was that I was falling in love with him first slowly then all at once.
But, the thing is I waited for him but he never came to me. He never liked me. And, come to think of it he never will.

We always looked at each other,and we kept on looking at each other until the 8th grade. But, after going to his house and his high school he finally cut me off and told me that he doesn’t like me and that he never will. He broke my heart in two.


Going from house to house

I knocked on every house on 26th Irving st. in San Francisco, California, USA but I never found his house. I never got to see him. Last week, I went to Lowell High School in hopes of seeing my crush. But, after 5 hours to my discontentment he hid from me in the school and I never got to see him then, either. You see, Dakota doesn’t like me. He wants to put a restraining order on me. Which he can do but at the same time he wouldn’t do that… I know that for sure. 


Getting rejected in 7th grade and moving on

In 7th grade I asked Dakota out for the first time but he came back to me 5 minutes later and dumped me. I felt like the time in 4th grade when he threw away my Valentine’s day card in the garbage. Sad and wilting away like a flower.


First hug

He hugged me on September 15th, 2016 one afternoon when he was apologizing to me. He hugged me tight and tenderly almost as if I was his lover. Well, I love him, I do. I can say that after 4 years.

Only in my dreams,


The author's comments:

I was inspired to write this piece because it's a true story and I want everyone to know my experience I had with my first crush in hopes that people will understand their first love like I did. 

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