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The Lottery of Life

March 21, 2018
By Anonymous

Imagine winning the lottery, wouldn't that be a dream come true? Well, it has already happened.In fact, both you, me and anybody you know have already won something better than the lottery, life, not just any life but the life of a human. Winning the lottery is impossible and useless if we don't have a life. Life is something we many aren't grateful for until its too late. The chances of winning the lottery are close to 1 in 14 million, Now what about life? Well, a TEDx talk mentioned that scientists estimate the probability of your being born a human is about one in 400 trillion! That means our chances of being born is close to 28571428.5 more than the chance of winning the lottery! Now about your life as a whole, we don't have to win the lottery because we have already won one, life.  You are already a one in 400 trillion chance of being alive. This is how lucky we are, now if we truly understood this think about the decisions that you didn't make. You only had the chance to do that once in your life and if you're lucky maybe a couple times. Any future choices you decide to miss out on think twice before choosing.

Now think far ahead into future, death. Let's say the heavens exist, not saying it doesn't, what would we tell our ancestors or God?  How we used our life to the fullest extent with great stories to tell about how you used this lottery jackpot, life? Imagine winning the lottery what would you do after you have spent it all? So what do they do now that they're rich? Spend it to increase the amount of money they make? Well, congrats they now have even more money so what. What if they didn't use it to increase their business, using it to party all day long spending it everywhere from cars to boats to planes, congrats again they're poor again. So what about life? Well, you make all the good decisions in life dying with no regrets and lots of stories tell God or anybody you want in the heavens. Of course not saying the winning lottery is a bad thing. Many don't realize how lucky they are until they are old. You can be one of those won't don't realize the lottery they have won until they're old or you can do something about it starting now. If you disagree with me then go ahead but in the future, you regret any decisions you make don't blame me for not telling you.

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