What Makes Us Human

February 22, 2018
By Bea_mazing73 BRONZE, Wellington, Colorado
Bea_mazing73 BRONZE, Wellington, Colorado
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Have you ever wondered why we have emotions or why we do what we do? Well, how we feel and what we do makes us human. If we didn’t do what we do or feel how we feel when we aren’t human. Being human means that we make our own decisions in life we choose to be who we are and how we act. If we didn’t get to chose then we will practically be robots. Life is full of mistakes. That’s another thing that makes us who we are.
    First I’m going to talk about how our feelings make us human. Have you ever started crying for no reason or burst out laughing for no reason? Well, those are a few scenarios that make us who we are. If we didn’t cry every once in a while then we wouldn’t know what it was like to be sad or if we didn’t laugh for no reason whatsoever then we wouldn’t know what it’s like to have our laughing moments. We have these feelings because we need to know what sad is, we need to know what happy is if we didn’t know what emotions were we wouldn’t be who we are right now.
Have you ever wondered why we make mistakes or why we throw things when we are mad? Well, we make mistakes cause we are never perfect if we didn’t make our own mistakes then we wouldn’t know right from wrong. We throw things when we are mad to get the anger out, maybe some people punch things like a punching bag to get their anger out. We do crazy and weird things for a reason no one can explain.
I bet you have tried to make hard decisions before. Like whether to pick the cookies or the cupcakes or what movie to watch. Decisions is another example of what makes us human. We make decisions in life to help us know what we want or what we don’t. I know I’ve made a lot of hard decisions in my life. If you choose the right decision then you will go down the right path, but if you choose the wrong decision then you have kinda led yourself towards the wrong path but you can always bounce back to the right path with the right decision you make.
Have you ever looked at someone and made an assumption about them? I know I have. It doesn’t matter what they look like or how they act, that’s another thing that makes us human is our religion, the color of our skin, the clothes we wear, the house we live in, etc. This all leads up to who we are as a human being.
We are humans we make mistakes, we choose who we are and what decisions we make based on our situations. We choose what to wear, who we are friends with. And we shouldn’t make assumptions based on what we see. Some people may be a different color then you, they may live in a different part of town then you, all that matters is that we are human beings.

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