February 21, 2018
By ArnavKar BRONZE, Austin, Texas
ArnavKar BRONZE, Austin, Texas
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A meme.
Sometimes also known as a me-me but the right way to pronounce the word is “meme”. Now that you know how to pronounce you probably are thinking “why do I need to know the pronunciation if they’re just stupid pictures sometimes with words on them and they're not even that funny”.
Have you ever thought about the people who are scared about showing opinions, they try to do it in a secret and indirect way.Well, one of the ways is the meme way. Unlike the first paragraph, memes are extremely serious like some can start a war or maybe even end a war. There are some people who get jobs indirectly just because of memes!.
A good example is from 2017, also known as the meme year,  made lots and lots of memes for veterans day and 50% more people came to soldier graves.
Every day there are about 1 million memes created and imagine how many people that are afraid and use this way to tell what they are what they think is the right thing and how some people tell everyone their opinion, doesn't matter what opinion it could presidential election, Kim Jong Un’s nuclear war or something even less important like their favorite and “best football team”.
Looking back, Memes sometimes don't need to have a purpose and they’re there in everyday life. Therefore a good chuckle once in a while or when you are browsing on social media you could have a laugh.
  On the other hand, I know what you are thinking “Yeah but they are crappy and stupid too”. Yes,they are stupid in some ways actually a recent incident is the tide pod challenge, it started out as a lame youtube video but after a while someone made a meme about it and slowly people started seeing memes about them by different people at different times and people actually started doing it which caused lots of deaths and medical issues.
In conclusion, You could almost do anything in life with a simple picture also known as a meme. And if you want to know anything or look at peoples opinions or just want to search anything I will bet you a gazillion dollars that there would be a meme for it.

The author's comments:

I hope people think about memes a differently than before reading this essay.

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