Phones in School

February 1, 2018
By AntOct BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
AntOct BRONZE, Wilmington, Delaware
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Phones should be aloud in school. It isn’t hurting anyone if we have them out in the first place so why can’t we have them. I believe that it is unfair that we cannot have our phones in school.

I think we should be able to have our phones in school because we could use them for educational reasons. The teachers could give us work to do on our phones or assignments to do at home on our phones. It would be a good way for the class to interact to each other. More than half of the country is switching over to computers and phones instead of reading in a book so why can’t we.

I believe we should have our phones because its our life and we shouldn’t have to do what our teachers say if we don’t wanna. They didn’t pay for the phone. We should have the privilege of having it out if we have one. They have their phones out and don’t get in trouble so we should be aloud to have ours out. Like what if my dad was in the hospital and he was texting me or my mom was texting me to keep me updated.

I believe we should have our phones because in a lot of classes theres day were we do nothing. In a couple of my classes there's like 2 days that week wee we don’t do anything. There’s times in class were we have free time and they make us read or put our heads down. Why can’t we just use our phones since im done all my work. If we aren’t doing anything we should be able to have our phones out it isn’t hurting anyone.

I believe that phones should be aloud in school. We should use them for educational reasons. We should use them in our free time.  We should also use them whenever we feel like do so because they are ours and the teachers use theirs all the time.

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