February 1, 2018
By Anonymous

Twitter is an online news and social networking service where users post and interact with messages. Twitter is one of the Successful and Richest company. I was a very big fan of Twitter. I used to like the way it worked. My favorite thing about Twitter was that they keep your Data and your profile private. I did hear the rumor about company sell their user’s private information to others but I didn’t believe that.

Every social networking company has one similar rule that they keep your profile and Date private and won’t shared with others. Most of Company didn’t even follow this rules. They look into your profile. They look into Messages and Data. Some company also sell the public profile and their data to 3rd party software and to hackers. Twitter is one of the companies who looks into your Profile, your Messages and your Data without user permission. I don't know if they sell user data or not.

A video came out about two weeks ago. The video is about twitter employ talking to the guy. Twitter employ told the guy that Twitter has more than 400 employees who access to the user's account and look at the user’s profile, their picture, their data and their messages, without user permission. My opinion is about this that this is very Wrong. It is against privacy rule. No company has right to access their user accounts, without permission. This is wrong.

Another problem that, I have on Twitter that they do shadowbanning. It means that you can get banned from Twitter without no reason. You don’t get any email from Twitter explaining, why you got banned. You can’t get your account back. Well, I only have to say this, “this is wrong”. It is wrong to banned people for no reason. Twitter has no problem with the people who upload the inappropriate picture and do wrong stuff on the platform.

I have seen people who get banned from Twitter by just upload pictures that is totally acceptable and appropriate. I, myself got banned from Twitter because I upload the image of Anonymous mack as my profile image. I didn’t do any wrong. According to me, that image is totally fine. I didn’t get any email from Twitter explaining why I got banned. I think Twitter should inform their user’s that why they got banned.

I have couple questions for Twitter. One is, why they don’t ban people who upload the inappropriate, creepy and naked picture. I have seen the account of Hackers. I would like to know, why twitter doesn’t these accounts.

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