The Colorado River

January 30, 2018
By Katiereinbolt SILVER, Hemet , California
Katiereinbolt SILVER, Hemet , California
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I love watching the calm waves gather the sand and take it back home. I love sitting on the burning hot, dry, lightly grey colored rocks on the shore and stick my feet in the water. The sun penetrating my back makes me warm inside and out. As i feel my body overheat in the suffocating sun, I lead myself into the inviting water just a few feet away. I submerge my body into the Colorado River. I feel instantly hydrated as the river gifted me the water that the sun had previously taken away. My heart is full and my brain is focused on staying relaxed. I have not a care in the world as the water floats my relaxed body into its territory. I can almost hear the fish swim past me and the rocks be bothered by the crawfish making their homes. I hear the wind greet the trees and the leaves invite themselves into the cold, pure, water of the Colorado River. I look at the sky and see birds travel over the extended canyons and coves that mapped the river. The sky is as blue as it have ever been. The clouds are bright white and shaped perfectly in the sky. The sun was shining on anything and everything it could find. It was the most relaxing thing i could ever think of. It was a perfect day. Everything about the Colorado River is perfect.

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