Why Society Treats Goths and Emos Like Bad People

January 27, 2018
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I don’t understand why society treats Goths or Emos like they are bad people just because of the way they dressed no matter where I go someone that is Goth or Emo gets stared at like they belong to a side show at the circus. I see the looks on people’s faces when they see someone in a store, park, library, grocery store, or just out walking that is Goth or Emo they look at them like they have the plague or something they almost look horrified and pray that their kids never dress like that when they older. I have had people stare at me like I belong to a side show in a circus because I am Goth and I wear black and I always get stares from people no matter where I go I get stares when I wear t-shirts of my favorite bands, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Edgar Allan Poe. I have also gotten stares from people for the music that I listen to I own a beanie of Jack Skellington that I wear in the winter and I always get stares when I wear it. The part that I don’t understand about society is that they treat Goths and Emos like we have the plague but society treats anyone that isn’t Goth or Emo like your apart of a club where everyone fits in but it’s almost like society is telling anyone that is Goth or Emo that you don’t belong because of the way you dress or the music you listen to. I have been Goth since I was a teenager and I am not going to change who I am to fit into society I am proud of the way I am and I refuse to be like everyone else I am proud to be Goth and that will never change.                                             

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