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January 25, 2018
By Jenfox SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
Jenfox SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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You finally found someone you care about and they care about you. And you’ve never been so happy, but none of this could've happened if you picked a different choice. Even walking a different way and never meeting them, never knowing they exist. This choice can impact your life and you would never know. Finding a job can be a big choice finding a good one you like, and get paid well enough, even to find a job is hard and you will have many choices that you will turn down.


You need to find a job that you have interest in, if you don’t like it you will be bored. Enjoy your job or you will be miserable, it’s another big choice finding a job. What if you never find your dream job and you are stuck with a boring job because you didn’t take the chance, that will most likely happen for a little bit until you find another job. But you also need to find interest in something so you can go to college or wherever you want to learn, so you can find a fun job for you. Also look for location, what you do for the job, and how much it pays, some things might have to change that you didn’t expect like getting paid less, but you will have to figure it out with this big decision.

Most people look at money when finding a job too, if it pays good and if you can live off it. Sometimes it's a hard choice for money, what if you like the job but it doesn’t pay good and you get offered a job the pay's really good but is something you don’t like. Those choices are so hard because it’s a life impact it's a job you will have for awhile. You might not even find a job in what you went to college for, the job might not be needed or people already took the jobs, you will need to pick a good career.

Picking a career can be hard you don’t
What if you don’t hear about the job opening for a place you would love to work, big choice would be gone. You could never get that job, or if you’re fired from your job and don’t know what to do. If something like that happens you need to find somewhere to work, and it needs to be something you like, are good at, and pay good. The perfect job is hard to find and sometime you just have to go with what you have and learn to like it.
Look around to find something you want, once you find something you have interest in try and get it, you might not always get it but try. Choices are a huge part of life even small choices that could mean so much. You make choices about everything like if you should talk to someone or where to walk, you could make a new friend talking to someone or not, and maybe save time where you walk or see it takes longer.  We will always have choices you can’t fix it, it's a part of life to decide what to do and make mistakes, so pick a good choice.


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