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January 19, 2018
By AnjaliWilson BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
AnjaliWilson BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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Parenting styles play an integral role in a child's social, cognitive, and psychological development, all which play a part in not only their childhood, but in their adult years as well. This is due to the fact that children grow in reaction to stimuli, interactions, and exchanges with the people and/or things around them. With that in consideration it is clear to see that because parents interact with their children so much, they can either positively or negatively affect them. There are many different types of parenting styles that can be broken down into different subcategories. However, just like with many other topics there are many social stereotypes that define theses categories, so three subcategories that exemplify the previous statement would be the old school disciplinarian, the Disney land mom and dad, and lastly the cosseting parent.

The Old School Disciplinarian

The old school disciplinarian is one of the most stereotypical parenting styles, it is where said parents lead their children in very draconian like lives, in order to create an individual that will be prosperous in their adult life.Typically, parents who employ this parenting style exhibit tough love on their children because they care about them and don't want to see them fail. It is a world where lives can become very monotonous, it is where the parent and child live in a continuing maelstrom of you can do better, keep trying, keep improving. Parents push their children to focus solely on education and activities that will allow them to achieve things that will make them successful. So these parents are constantly shuffling kids between extracurriculars and pushing and badgering them to achieve academic excellence. These kinds of parents maintain a strict set of rules and if any of these rules are violated, there will be a concomitant consequence which will follow.

Disney Land Mom and Dad
  One could paraphrase Charles Dickens opening to A Tale of Two Cities to describe the often coveted and wished for Disney land mom and dad. The best of parents, the worst of parents . These kinds of parents are the ones who constantly reward their children without any logical reasoning. The child gets a bad grade and gets to go out with their friends, and then they stay out past curfew and get none of the threatened repercussions that were promised by their parents, and so on, and so forth. At first the lack of consequence seems to be not that bad, nominal effort is made by the child and the parent still rewards them. Constantly being rewarded from a young age for doing the bare-minimum, is a parents way of teaching their children that even if they exert no effort, they are still entitled to the same recompense of hard-working people. They live to make their homes the happiest place on earth, they want their children to be constantly happy, full of laughter, and not be to disciplined. However, is instilling children with a sense of entitlement and want of discipline creating the happiest place on earth, or is it instead creating people who in the future will fail because of an inexistent work ethic.

Cosseting Parents
Cosseting parents or helicopter parents, are yet another stereotypical style of an overbearing parent. “Helicopter parenting is a style of parenting where where parents over focus on their children and keep hovering around them to help even for a simple thing … (ellipses) these parents take over the responsibility for their child's experiences, success, and failure. ”, which was perfectly said by Carolyn Daitch who Ph.D in psychiatry. Essentially this parent controls how a child begins to develop friendships with at a young age. Completing homework for the child and constantly intervening in their academic development whether that is with teachers, tutors, or other people involved in education. It is picking a college for a child and telling them that it is the only choice for their whole adolescent life. This type of parent will not rest until their goal… the child's goal is accomplished.

In conclusion, these subcategories of parenting styles are vastly different and are seen all throughout households throughout the world. At one point or another a person will probably encounter a parent who exhibits one of these styles or maybe a combination of two or more. With that being said it is important to know that these subcategories of parenting styles are extreme social stereotypes. Parenting styles are continuously evolving as the child begins to grow, so each parent establishes their own unique style based on what works best for them and hopefully their child.

The author's comments:

What inspired me to write this piece was the stereotypes that we see in the media of different kinds of parents. I wanted to play on these stereotypes while educating people that there is no one set style  of parenting that maybe parents are a combination of all three or have completely come up with something unique. I hope that people will realize that extreme social stereotypes can have negative effects that create unwanted stigmas, I also hope that it will make teens be more understanding of their parents, while seeing if they can see their parents in any of these stereotypes. So it's humorous but serious at the same time.

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