Dear Einstein Bros

November 27, 2017
By Anonymous

Dear einstein bros.

I go to your restaurant once every week. I go with family and friends. I also go for a church group in your restaurant called focus. A couple months ago i started a gluten free diet because gluten was making my stomach hurt.

I went to your store after school to get a bagel. I looked on the menu and was surprised when i found that you sell nothing gluten free. 3.1 million people in the U S are gluten free. You are losing my business and a lot of other people's business just   because you won't sell something like a gluten free bagel or sandwich. Any time i go to your restaurant now for focus or with family i have to bring my own food from home

If you are saying that you can't add them because they cost too much, the money that you would make from new customers would pay for the new food. Also if you are selling gluten free items like a gluten free bagel, the gluten free customers might also might buy other stuff like drinks. They might also tell other people about your restaurant. Gluten free bagels are also easy to make and taste good. It's not like adding
The gluten free food will make you lose customers

So i am asking you, just add something gluten free that would be good for breakfast.  Just try it for a month and if it starts hurting business take it down, but when it helps just keep it up.

Sam  M.

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