If I Were Mayor

November 14, 2017
By Teen_Ink BRONZE, Sussex, Wisconsin
Teen_Ink BRONZE, Sussex, Wisconsin
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If i were the mayor of Hartland, I would have several goals to improve the town of Hartland safety. I would try to focus on reducing or even completely getting rid of drug and alcohol uses. This is a hard topic to cover, due to all the major injuries or even deaths that have come from the substance abuses, and it is a very hard topic to find a solution for, as it has been an issue that has been attempted at being solved for years now. One thing that could be added is a 24/7 pill drop added to all police stations that will take prescription pills, and illegal street drugs. We could also do local drug tests that parents could take their kids to without legal punishment for parents to know if there kids are using drugs or not if they so desire although this won’t solve the whole problem it is a start. If police pull anyone over for anything more than a slight speeding violation we could have the police a offer to do a forced drug test to hopefully prevent driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. We can do more drug tests at school to hopefully “scare people from drugs” and have alcohol tests at school. I hope we can solve this issue, and have less substance abuse.

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