If I Were Mayor

November 17, 2017
By Anonymous

Crackheads and homeless, I don't want to see or hear any kids seeing any crackheads and homeless people on the side of the road and letting kids or teenagers to not be afraid to walk anywhere at anytime or to walk to downtown and around.


I don't want kids to be scared to do anything without seeing these people.

To let younger people to walk to stores and don't want to see people at the door asking for a dollar or two to get food but can't find job. Me as mayor I would make more homeless shelter for the homeless and to really put food and clothes on them instead of liars like some people that ask for money for food and clothes or for their kids but really spend the money on  drugs or alcohol or something that is unnecessary and that they really don't need.
If I was ever mayor I would make more rehabs for the people that are addicted to drugs and so that it would take the crackheads out the streets, so that kids won't be scared to walk around at anytime and to make more medicals and to get closer to the people so they can stop the addiction. More likely if  I was mayor I would change a lot of things for the community and so that it won't be scary for kids to walk and that everyone will be happy that there kid or kids are safe, also that everyone would help them out to make that happen and make this place a better place then it is.

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