November 17, 2017
By matt14 BRONZE, TYNGSBOROUGH, Massachusetts
matt14 BRONZE, TYNGSBOROUGH, Massachusetts
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Tyngsborough is a great town enriched in history. Whether you are a young family or a business the town has something for everyone. What a waste of the world's lands. Why is no one thinking of making something useful? An example would be antiques store.

This town needs to have more restaurants. I feel that stores and restaurants should be combined so you get the pleasure of both worlds.  This would allow the town to have more green space for parks and athletic fields. If we have more parks and empty fields, our world have more trees and lots of oxygen to breath.  Now our parks and fields can be used by the residents of our community that people want to use. 

So people enjoy outside entertainment and recreation.  These fields can be used for parades and reenactments.  My town would be a place to hang out and have fun with family and friends. The open space fields can be used for multiple purposes  such as hiking trails and campsites. People can enjoy these fields to have family reunions. Also, families can have entertainment with their immediate families and neighbors at these parks.
Another issue is trash is placed all over the ground.

I wouldn't want people have to deal with trash all over the community. I would hire people to take care of our community. I would want  the people in my town to have a community that they can go to and enjoy them self. As the Mayor of my town Tyngsborough. I would want my people to have a safe community to live and not have worry about living in community full of trash every where.


Being the mayor of my town of Tyngsborough I would make sure we would have solar panels on people's houses and  businesses so I can budget my money and have nice and clean community to live in or people to visit.

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