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November 17, 2017
By brendaace BRONZE, Harbor City, California
brendaace BRONZE, Harbor City, California
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If I were mayor of my town, I would have the opportunity to combat issues I observe everyday. I would use this prestigious position to advance the community while concentrating on three principal concerns. These concerns include homelessness, speeding, and youth centers.

One large-scale issue that I would confront would be homelessness. While many other cities struggle with this problem, my town in particular has a large number of destitute people whose only home is the underpass of a freeway. This freeway is located merely four blocks from my house. Everytime I drive past it, I am once again reminded of the despair and loneliness these people must feel. If I were mayor, I would use this reminder to create solutions. I would begin to tackle this complex issue by creating programs that would teach financial literacy to children and adults alike. I believe that a lack of education on how to manage personal finances contributes to the issue of homelessness, but it can be improved with classes that make this life skill easier to comprehend. Additionally, the classes would provide students with confidence that they can take control of their lives and solve any financial issues they encounter, therefore reducing homelessness rates.

Another problem that I find prevalent in my town is speeding. A majority of drivers exceed speed limits set around not only main streets, but side streets as well. The multiple accidents resulting from speeding have had tragic consequences, ones that could have been easily avoided. As mayor, I would raise revenue to launch a campaign that would promote safe driving. This campaign would consist of billboards and public service announcements that would remind drivers of the hazards of speeding. I would also like to hold a public event to honor members of the community who have lost their lives due to speeding, and encourage drivers to pledge to drive with consideration of speed limits. With these efforts, I am hopeful that the speeding around my town will be reduced.

Finally, I believe that a shortage of youth centers in my town is a pressing matter. Unlike surrounding cities, my city doesn’t include suitable parks or recreation centers where teenagers feel encouraged to spend time afterschool. In less affluent neighborhoods such as my own, youth centers are vital to maintaining the youth out of the dangerous influences of gangs and drugs. As mayor, I would focus on improving the centers that are available now, as well as fixing the appearance of some of the parks in my town, so teenagers are more inclined to utilize them. I would use these youth centers to promote entertaining projects that teenagers could participate in that would also benefit the community, such as starting a community garden. The centers would help build responsibility and a sense of unity within adolescents at a critical point in their lives.

My town is full with the promise of potential. Being mayor would allow me to reform a lot of of the problems I find within my town. However, teenagers should not feel that they need an eminent title to accomplish change. Although I am young, my dreams are for my community are large. With the help of other optimistic, determined thinkers, we can change not only our towns, but our world for the better.

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