If I Could Change My Community: Gardena, California

November 18, 2017
By Anonymous

I was given the assignments of trying to find a way to solve any three problems my community had, as if I were the mayor of Gardena. Do not get me wrong I love Gardena, after all this is where I grew up but, the city does have some big issues that needs some addressing of, not just for the residents but for the city as a whole. There are three major issues in which I would like to address: littering, water problem,and the drug/alcohol and gang influences in schools. I feel like there is a very big issue in the care of our beautiful city and community.

Ever since I can remember there has been a huge trash and littering problem in my community. Just a couple years ago, for example, I would walk to and from school, and there on the floor you would find, bags of chips, cafeteria food packaging, cans of soda, paper, even some fries, everyday of the week you can find this trash on the streets of Gardena. This has become a serious problem because this not only is a safety hazard to the community, it also is a safety hazard to our marine life.  Should not the marine life matter as much as the life on top of the Earth? Whenever it rain all the trash collected from the streets from Peary Middle School students, the trash goes to the sewers and back into the ocean. It is only fair to care so much for the ocean. As mayor I will make sure our city take some serious precautions, I will add more trash disposals maybe in smaller sizes around the community especially near school, mini marts, and food vendors. This will also create more job opportunities, since the city will need more waste collectors. I will also make sure the schools set up some consequences for the students who litter around the schools or are caught littering, at least when they are going from or to school.

Gardena has a big water problem according to recent reports. The water coming from sinks and out of drains have been seen to be sluggish and green. Gross unfiltered and not clean water has been getting into Gardena households. This is a serious issue that should be attended to by the utility companies that service the city of  Gardena. This water could no longer be consumed by the residents and is deemed unhealthy for household use. What is it, then that Gardena residents should do? Gardena residents have already waited a year, how much longer should they wait until they get the needed attention to get proper water for household use?  The best solution is for the water providers of Gardena to find someway to purify and clean the water. A mayor of the city I will propose to provide some sort of purifier or filter, in every household sink, if the water providers can not clean the water. If not possible I will set another proposal to change water provider, or have some sort of water plan where the city tries to save clean water and filter and reuse the water. I will make sure to inspect houses known to be old to see if there is a need for new water pipes. In the end the city must do something because this not only affects the quality of water in households but, also in schools.

Know I’d like to address our students at Peary. There is a huge problem that needs to be fixed not only in this particular middle school but other schools as well, the marijuana problem, and the gang problem. Peary has a really bad reputation of having bad problematic kids, having drugs and just being a bad schools overall. Is it really bad to judge this school, when every time you pass by it there seems to be something sketchy going on with the students at that school?

For example in 2012 the school was in a lockdown because of gang related activity going on around or in the school. It is not uncommon to find the logo of the local gang in the school of Robert E. Peary Middle School, especially because there is a lot of gang related activities only four block away from the school. The school has such a bad reputation that many kids from Denker Avenue Elementary School, the elementary school on the same exact street as Peary, get sent to another middle school no where near Gardena. Not only is there gang related activity, but there is a lot of alcohol and marijuana in this school, one simply enters the p.e. field and there is a huge smell of marijuana that takes over the field. The students smoke and drink on campus which is something completely inappropriate for students. Of course one can’t blame administration since most students hide these activities.

Personally, I like the the schools that our city has to offer, but as for  what happened in the p.e. field was not okay, in personal experience having drugs around the school made me feel unsafe at one point. It was also very common to have classmates bring alcohol mixed in their drinks, which from a distance could still be smelled. I think the best solution as mayor, is to have the kids with this kinds of actions is to have some kind of boot camp where the police actually take them in as if the students were convicts, which could happen if they continue on the path they were in. This way the students could experience what outcome come from alcohol and drugs.
I grew up in this city, as a matter of fact it is the first city my parents ever lived in since they first moved to the United States from Mexico. Everyone in the city should be taking care of the city they live in and I do not think everyone does from their part in the beautification of the city. A mayor this city will become more beautiful than what it already is, after all, it only needs some minor modifications

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This article was an assignment for my AVID class.

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